The Real Reasons for Hair Loss and How to Prevent Them

Thinning HairEach hair strand has a lifecycle, so when you lose a hair it can be said to be a normal hair loss but when you lose a ton at a time, it becomes a thing of concern.

Hair loss has often been related to body degradation that occurs with old age.

However, with the current increase in the rate of hair loss record so far between people who aren’t a quarter close to old age, brings about a new idea of the cause of hair loss.

However, with the current increase in the rate of hair loss record so far between people who aren’t a quarter close to old age, brings about a new idea of the cause of hair loss.

A more logical way to see the issue with hair loss is that the degradation in the cell necessary to upholding human hair gets weaken naturally at a certain age, and on the other hand, individuals’ lifestyle can ultimately alter the lifespan of that same cell.

So, the latter way, the individual would face the same hair loss challenge at a younger age than the other individual faces at a reasonably stricken age.

What this means is this: an awkward lifestyle can be a major contributor or reason for hair loss. If that is the case as concerned with this article, a change in lifestyle can go a long way for individuals’ hair growth.

Ways to Improve your Hair Growth

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One major and self-tested way to improve your hair growth rate is to have a change in lifestyle.

The question here would be: how does a change in lifestyle responsively causes a change in the rate of hair loss?

Each hair strand is being powered by some cells in the brain, and once such cells find it difficult to get nutrients from the body, your hairs lose grip from the head, which will resultantly lead to hair loss.

In a way to tackle that, hormonal change through diet can make up for hair loss so that you start experiencing sustainable hair growth. Such dietary complement could be avoidance of junk foods (foods that lack adequate nutritional value), stress, thyroid problems, menopause and the like.

The most practical thing here is to identify the primary cause of your hair loss. If it is as a result of inadequate lifestyle, once you have been able to understand where the cause lies, you avoid it and then subscribe to home remedies for the process of hair growth.

There are a few major remedies to hair loss.

  1. Home Remedies – For a more in-depth article check out –> The Top 20 Home Remedies. 
  2. Clinically proven and FDA approved specialised hair treatment. More on this here –> Guaranteed Hair Regrowth Treatment
  3. Medical Remedy – This is perhaps the most extreme and will incur significant cost. If you’ve tried home remedies and want something inexpensive that works, without surgery and scaring… your best bet would be to try a proven hair loss treatment.

Home Remedy for Hair Loss Prevention: if you are hoping to prevent your hair from inadequate hair loss, one way to doing that is to adopt a home remedy. The home remedy can be somewhat effective when the hair loss issues isn’t a very complex one just as explained above. 

It involves:

  • Massaging with scalps oils such as shea butter, benotine clay, and the likes
  • Raw eggs, and other supplements that are rich in vitamin A, B, and E.

Medical Remedy to Hair Loss Prevention:

if you have exhausted the home remedy option to hair improvement without many results, you may be thinking of hair replacement surgery. Please be warned that this will lead to permanent scarring and will cost a significant amount of money. Always try guaranteed products before pursuing this option.